The Earth And A Mouse


Suppose that the globe at the equator is tightly wrapped in rope. The rope length was increased by 1m. The resulting gap is evenly distributed over the equator. Can a mouse slip into this gap? Some said YES, even cat do it. Some said NO. Not even a superhero nano-man can do it! In this book, You will find why this not an easy question.

Author Bio

Aleksandr Anufriyev

Aleksandr Anufriyev grew up in Balakovo, Russia, and graduated from Saratov Polytechnic Institute.
His major specialty is electromechanical engineering.
Now he lives in Lansing, Michigan, USA.
He wants to be a writer.
His first book was ” The Flying Car”.
The second one was “Inventions Around Us”.
Lastly, his third book was called “Time”.
He loves to read good books.
And he wants to write good books.