How I Read 1,000 Books (And Why You Should Too): Embracing the Audiobook Revolution


Part manifesto, part Do-It-Yourself manual, How I Read 1,000 Books (And Why You Should Too) is a call to revolutionize the way you read.

Do you struggle to find enough time for reading? Are you falling behind where you know you should be?

This guide lays out exactly how you can read a new book every day, without disrupting your busy schedule.

The author explains 10 key rules which allowed him to read 1,000 books in 3 years. You'll learn about:

• Unlocking the full potential of audiobooks to triple your reading.
• Optimizing your daily life to seize opportunities that 99% of people ignore.
• Turning the mind and emotions into your greatest allies as you work toward your goals.

BEWARE: Learn these tips, tricks, and hacks, and you may never view the art of reading—or yourself—in the same way again.

Author Bio

William Carson

William Carson is a writer and teacher from the United States. When not "multi-tasking" with a book, he enjoys archery, Muay Thai, and drinking tea among friends.