The Hoola Hoop Paradigm: Are You Up for the Challenge? Become as Great as You Want to Be


The Hoola Hoop Paradigm: Are You Up for the Challenge? Become as Great as You Want to Be! is a literary work that introduces an evolutionary science of developing process patterns and critical thinking that establishes a framework for individuals, companies and organizations developing understanding of the human dynamics associated with managing change, building productive team environments and driving people to achieve unprecedented levels of performance. This book, unlike many other books in the category of self-help or personal development , conveys that there is no one-size-fits-all process to success. It also conveys that attempting to mimic the habits of another is not the path to success. Success is about discovering and following your own pathways. Success is not a cookie cutter pattern waiting to be discovered. Success begins with understanding who you are and with the alignment of your talents with your vision and ambition. This book helps the reader to embrace and develop such a concept of success. The Hoola Hoop Paradigm is an incredibly powerful tool because it challenges the reader at the core of his or her basic beliefs and allows the reader to identify and develop complete understanding of just how important it is to understand what he or she is capable of. The reader is challenged to stay within his or her realm of reality to become as great as he or she can and wants be. The reader is presented with 10 challenges that affect individual and team performances within an organization or group setting. By understanding the significance of the 10 challenges on human behavior and action, the reader will learn how the perceptions, feelings, thoughts, ideas, motivations and actions of individuals within an organization or family unit affect your company s bottom line and/or the family s success and happiness. The Hoola Hoop Paradigm develops people through the development of effective and professional self-awareness, communication, leadership, trust, respect and cooperation. It also provides the necessary framework for people solving their own problems with change management, performance and team building issues by deploying concepts associated with creative imagination and critical thinking. The Hoola Hoop Paradigm will consistently deliver positive and intended results regardless of the task at hand, if the reader is willing to accept the 10 challenges in the spirit of success takes time, and in the spirit of success requires one to always be willing to vacate current beliefs and habits.

Author Bio


Ronald Hickey studied Public Administration at the University of San Francisco; Studied Business Finance at Stanford University, Master of Business Administration at California State University, Sacramento; and Nuclear Propulsion Engineering at the Naval Nuclear Power School – United States Department of Defense/Naval Reactors. Ronald is the publisher at Hickey House Books, and he owns and operates the Business Consulting firm, Hickey Associates & Hickey. He is a highly sought-after speaker and lecturer. He serves the state of California as a Leadership Development Consultant. He is also the Founder and CEO of a National Think Tank called the HELIN Institute. He has published the following books:

• Author, AMAZINGLY RIDICULOUS: Dream Big, Be Ridiculous and Live An Amazing Life
• Author, 12 INSIGHTS: An Uncompromising Examination of Life
• Author, The Hoola Hoop Paradigm: Are You Up for the Challenge?
• Coming Book: Greatness Is What Greatness Does: 10 Principles of Exceptional Leadership
• Coming Book: The Great Reckoning: Powers, Principalities, and the Failure of American Democracy