The High Life of Simone St. Lo


An engaging story of how the resilient powers of joy and beauty allow one young woman to escape the quagmire of an emotionally unstable birth-family and learn to love the delights of one she builds for herself.

At twenty-five, Simone Martin secretly inherits the title ‘Countess of St. Lo’! Along with this entry into the peerage, kept secret from her deeply troubled family, comes an ancient estate in France, complete with a constantly crumbling castle, a slice of fly-fishing paradise, a few acres of lousy orchards and an array of colorful staff that keep her on her toes.

With wild-spirits, high hopes and the aid of her ferocious French paternal-grandmother and down to earth farm-family roots, this young woman takes on kooky French society, murderous neighbors and an odd batch of neurotically inclined villagers. Taking help from what could be dubious sources, Simone’s plan to turn her Euro-sucking legacy into a thoroughly modern, money-making machine will need a marketing-miracle and an assortment of divine interventions.

Author Bio

F.E Arliss

F.E. Arliss has visited over 36 countries and continues to be inspired by different cultures as she writes her novels. Her books frequently hit the top 100 best-seller lists on Amazon in Science Fiction; Literary Fiction; and Paranormal for Teens and Adults.