Simone St Lo Raises Hell


Simone Ines St. Lo has loved her first year as a Countess! Her fifteenth-century, castle-estate in Normandie, France, is back on the road to paying for itself. Their distilled apple-cider Calvados, with its ‘special recipe’ is promising to be a rousing success. Perhaps it’s all going ‘too’ well for some.

When Simone embarks to bring Grandma Margeaux Martin back to France, along with her trusty Mexican maid, Frida, things begin to go awry. First, Frida is detained by the Canadian Border Services Agency at a stop in Quebec.

Back in France, Timms Dubois, St. Lo’s deaf groundskeeper disappears after a delivery of honey to a gourmet specialty shop on the Rue St. Louis in Paris. Meanwhile, Mavis, the teenage shopkeeper who sells the St. Lo ‘special recipe’ products locally, gets a visit from an ‘organized crime’ boss.

On top of all this, the St. Lo estate has been burgled during one of their famous ‘fly-fishing’ gourmand weekends. Nothing has gone missing except a framed 1529 A.D. Vatican document conferring the title, ‘Countess of St. Lo’ upon Simone’s ancestor. When a distant family cousin begins proceedings to contest Great-Aunt Ines St. Lo’s will, and rumors begin to swirl around Grandpa Hubert Martin's death, that’s the final straw!

As Grandpa Hastilow, Simone’s farmer-granddad says, “When things aren’t right, it’s time to ‘raise hell’!

Author Bio

F.E Arliss

F.E. Arliss has visited over 36 countries and continues to be inspired by different cultures as she writes her novels. Her books frequently hit the top 100 best-seller lists on Amazon in Science Fiction; Literary Fiction; and Paranormal for Teens and Adults.