King Maker: A Short Story


James is tossed into the flames, so to speak. He has a pair of masked assassins on his tail. After finding himself having been teleported to a different realm, James finds refuge in Grace’s willingness to rebel against the Shadow Clan –an oppressive regime. Thus, Grace will side with anyone that the Clan deems as a threat or an enemy. She teleports James all over the realm, as the pair seek to take down the dark autocratic ruler of the land. In truth, James discovers that Grace’s motivations are tied to the prophecy of the rise of the King Maker. Who was this King Maker? Does James ever get to go back home? Do the people of Tartra ever get their freedom?

Author Bio

J.L. Shojosh

I have an infinite number of stories within me, and by definition, I won't have the chance to write them all. But it's more about the journey than any perceived destination. I hope my stories serve as a safe haven, an escape from the "real world". I hope that the overarching message in these stories is not lost in translation. In short: the importance of a dream cannot be overstated, and the need to wake up to live that dream is the best way to be true to yourself.