The Little Cloud Dragon


This is the story of a dragon: the little cloud dragon. A dragon who likes to jump but cannot do so on his soft cloud. It is the story of a little girl who befriends him and finds a playmate in the dragon. It's a story about the beauty of giving and the joy of receiving. It is a story of courage, respect and friendship. A fable for young and old that will give you a little joy and astonishment in its simplicity. The perfect story to put your kids to sleep with a smile on their face and wonder in their eyes.

Author Bio

Daniele Lippi

First thing I think about when I wake up is writing, does that make me a writer? I like to think the answer is yes.

If you are curious to know something about me, just read my books. In each of them you will find some shards of me. All you have to do is add them up and I will be an open book for you.

My books:

- Il Draghetto delle Nuvole - children book, already translated in: English (The Little Cloud Dragon), French (Le Petit Dragon des Nuages), Spanish (El Dragoncito de las Nubes), Portuguese (O Pequeno Dragao das Nuvens).

- Micrumanita - Sci-Fi, already translated in English (Micro-humanity).

- Uno Splendido Futuro - Sci-Fi, currently being translated in English (A Splendid Future).

- Il Regno delle Mille Torri, part 1 - Fantasy novel.
- Il Regno delle Mille Torri, part 2 - Fantasy novel.

- L'Inganno del Mago, I Maghi Ribelli volume 1 - Fantasy novel
- L'Oscura Congrega, I Maghi Ribelli volume 2 - Fantasy novel
- La Pietra, I Maghi Ribelli volume 3 - Fantasy novel
- Risvegli, I Maghi Ribelli volume 4 - Fantasy novel
- Le Tre Magie, I Maghi Ribelli volume 5 - Fantasy novel
- Un Nuovo Regno, I Maghi Ribelli volume 6 - Fantasy novel