Knight and Cavalier in the Silver Mask


The beginning of the XII century. Duchy of Burgundy.
The Duchy of Burgundy is going through hard times after the Crusade. Many noble lords and their vassals did not return from the battlefield. But, despite this, life goes on, and noble ladies and gentlemen wish for amusement. Itinerant musicians who call themselves Goliards rush to Burgundy from neighboring kingdoms.
Rigord Juif, son of a Burgundian merchant, is weighed down by the textile trade and intends to leave his family business and become a goliard. However, Rigord does not intend to wander all his life with a lute in his hands, he dreams of becoming a Baron and having his own castle.
He composes songs dedicated to love and enjoys success with noble ladies and gentlemen. However, in secret, Rigord prefers men. His first love is musician Marco in Milan. But, alas, men rarely met and their love died away.
Rigord's father is dying. Rigord is forced to go to the Countess Beatrice de Mulhouse to fulfill her father’s obligations and deliver fashionable fabrics from Milan. Rigord is fascinated by the Countess, but he is tormented by vague feelings: something is wrong with the Countess.
However, the Countess also draws attention to the son of a merchant who skillfully composes verses and plays the lute. Soon Rigord learns the terrible secret of the Countess: ‘Countess Beatrice’ lives a double life and pretends to be a completely different person. Rigord discovers the secret of Countess de Mulhouse. The real Countess is dead, and her place was taken by Severin, her own nephew. Severin is forced to change into the Countess. And, despite the fact that the newly appeared goliard spent the night with the ‘Countess’, he had to hurry to flee to foreign lands.
Rigord adjoins the acting troupe. And immediately draws attention to a nice young man named Leon, who plays the roles of girls on the stage. However, Rigord did not dare to reveal his feelings to Leon. Once the actors gave a performance in the castle of Baron de Epinal.
The Baron has always been cruel and bloodthirsty. He abducted Leon and only by a miracle the actors managed to save the young man. Rigord is ready to open his heart to Leon, but Leon prefers the girl.
Rigord is disappointed and decides to go to the castle of the widowed Viscountess Matilda de Montbeliard. After all, he has a letter of recommendation from the ‘Countess de Mulhouse’. Rigord spends some time at the Viscountess Castle. One day, Matilda receives a letter of invitation to the jousting tournament.
But only knights remained in the castle, suffering from the effects of wounds received in battles. And Matilda gives the order to his faithful vassal, so that he will prepare Rigord for the tournament. In a short time, it is impossible to become a knight, and Rigord is defeated in the tournament in the first match. After failure, Rigord in the image of a knight-goliard goes on a journey to glorify the name of Matilda.
The knight-goliard experiences many adventures and learns the love of noble ladies. He saves one of the noble ladies from the tyrant husband and the hated chastity belt. Rigord eventually realizes that a woman’s love is as beautiful as a man’s love.
In one of the distant castles, Rigord meets the Cavalier in the Silver Mask, rumors of which fill the surrounding lands.
According to rumors, the Cavalier hides his disfigured face under a mask. Rigord does not even suspect that the meeting with the Cavalier in the Silver Mask will radically change his life.
Rigord reveals the Cavalier's secret and suddenly realizes that his heart is filled with love for the mysterious owner of the castle. But there is a barrier between Rigord and Cavalier. Will men be able to overcome this obstacle to unite their destinies?

Author Bio

Olga Kryuchkova

Olga Kryuchkova was born in Moscow on 7 August, 1966. After high school in 1983 she entered the Moscow College of Automation and Telemechanics where she specialized as a mathematician and programmer. Later she graduated with honors and got a job working for the Moscow Aviation Institute.
In 1986 he enrolled the Faculty of Aircraft Design and Construction the institute and graduated in 1992. His literary career began in 2006. His first novel, "Captain Marauder" was published in the journal "Feat-Centaur" amongts the historical bestsellers (2007). Then, in the same year 2007, her love-historical novel "Family Cross" came out released by the publisher "Geleos" in the series "Lace Love".
In 2008, she published additional six novels (one under a pseudonym). In January 2008 her novel "Adventurers was launched by the publisher "Feat-Centaur". The publishing house "Geleos" came out with four publications: "The gift of Aphrodite", "Happy choice", "Riddles of Fate" and under the pseudonym of Olivia Claymore her novel "The French Messalina". In the same year the author first published by the publishing house "Veche": book under the title "Captain Marauder" with the inclusion of two novels - "Captain Marauder" and "Demon Montsegur".
In 2009 another four of her novels ensued: "Adventurers", "Rose of Versailles", "Return of Captain Marauder" and "Heirs of the country of Yamato". All four novels were published by the publishing house "Veche".
At the moment Ogneslava Beloyar, Olivia Cleymor works under pseudonyms. Has more than 100 publications (historical novel, female historical novel, Slavic esotericism, books for teenagers) in the Russian publishing houses on various subjects.
Many novels and books are written in a co-authorship with the daughter Elena Kryuchkova (Darina Beloyar, Linda Cleymor). Elena has 60 publications.