Sneaky, Brilliant and Diabolical Revenge Tactics


Life with a narcissist is daunting, harrowing, and unpredictable. He is self-absorbed, self-sufficient, and self-serving. He is haughty, arrogant, and oblivious to your wishes, desires, dreams, and goals. He is rude and envious toward others. He has terrible behavior and even worse manners. He is untrustworthy and incapable of any true and consistent feelings worthy of anyone else's attention.
Life with a narcissist is all-consuming, isolated, and draining. He is lacking any adult skills or abilities to meet another person's needs, and so he misbehaves and acts out in order to take your attention away from his all-consuming deficits. He is truly only half of a man - and maybe that is generous. He often falls through on his responsibilities to you, up to and including simply meeting your sexual needs.
Why do women run to these men in droves? What causes them to drop at the feet of narcissists, seemingly begging for their punishment and negative behaviors?
There are deficits that are often present in the woman who seeks out or inadvertently falls prey to a petty narcissist. The narcissist seeks out only specific types of women, and he turns a blind eye to others. There are only certain types of women who have a deficit or an over-interest in dating emotionally immature men such as narcissists. We seek to define these in order to bring a broader knowledge to those who suffer at the hands of narcissists and why narcissists seek out these types for their amusement.
If someone tells you a lie enough times, it will eventually be accepted as the truth. You will feel belittled and small, so the other person can feel superior and tall. Are you susceptible to falling prey to a narcissist and vulnerable to becoming victimized by them? Which category type do you fall under?
This book seeks to teach you revenge tactics that you can use to unhinge any narcissist.

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Jason Martin

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