Crash Landing On You: A Review and Analysis of a Masterpiece


Wondering what made this Korean drama a global sensation? Or why multitudes have watched and have not moved on?This book offers a dissection of how refined each details of the series and how grand these all came together to give us a truly masterpiece of series. Ever wonder if you really understood the ending alright? This piece provides an analysis of exactly what was shown to us, frame by frame, of the beautiful finale ending scenes.Missing Captain Ri? Don't fret - we've got 100 ways he made our hearts flutter so much! Relive the kilig.Crash Landing On You made viewers completely disregard the spoken language barrier and made us all cry and laugh while reading subtitles. If this is not amazing, I don't know what is!

Author Bio

Gnoey Peat

I write under pen name Gnoey Peat, currently film and tv series reviews