The Magic of the Druids. Heir of Tara. Book 2.


Deichtine gives birth to a son, who is called Setanta. The boy grows brave and strong. As a child, he goes hunting and falls into the hands of a tribe of small people inhabiting the hills. Local people believe that small people are supernatural beings. The boy receives their friendship and support, which will be useful to him in the future.
Soon, Setanta gets his nickname Cu Chulainn, which means Culann's Hound. The boy in the battle defeats the mad dog. After he goes to the forest, where he meets a white deer. Setanta learns the secret of his origin. His real father is the god Cernunnos. Cernunnos promises to look after his son and help him.
Young Setanta is engaged to the beautiful Emer. After that, he and his friends go on military training to a remote mountain castle. Friends go through many adventures along the way and meet various mythical creatures.
Setanta becomes a skilled warrior and participates in battles with the legendary Queen Medb, the Queen of Connacht. Soon the glory of his military prowess spreads throughout Ireland. He manages to defeat the dark forces and resist the magic of Fedelm, the prophetess of Queen Medb, with the help of the god Lugh.
However, the war with Queen Medb begins with renewed vigor. She captures the beautiful Emer and her family. Medb finds new allies, and blood stains the land of Ireland. However, the gods are on the side of young Setanta. And they intend to destroy the rebellious Queen and restore peace to the ancient land.
And in the long-suffering land of Ireland, peace will finally reign.
And the sacred city of Tara will rise from ruins and ashes.
And the stone Lia Fail will utter a cry saluting the real king!

Author Bio

Olga Kryuchkova

Olga Kryuchkova was born in Moscow on 7 August, 1966. After high school in 1983 she entered the Moscow College of Automation and Telemechanics where she specialized as a mathematician and programmer. Later she graduated with honors and got a job working for the Moscow Aviation Institute.
In 1986 he enrolled the Faculty of Aircraft Design and Construction the institute and graduated in 1992. His literary career began in 2006. His first novel, "Captain Marauder" was published in the journal "Feat-Centaur" amongts the historical bestsellers (2007). Then, in the same year 2007, her love-historical novel "Family Cross" came out released by the publisher "Geleos" in the series "Lace Love".
In 2008, she published additional six novels (one under a pseudonym). In January 2008 her novel "Adventurers was launched by the publisher "Feat-Centaur". The publishing house "Geleos" came out with four publications: "The gift of Aphrodite", "Happy choice", "Riddles of Fate" and under the pseudonym of Olivia Claymore her novel "The French Messalina". In the same year the author first published by the publishing house "Veche": book under the title "Captain Marauder" with the inclusion of two novels - "Captain Marauder" and "Demon Montsegur".
In 2009 another four of her novels ensued: "Adventurers", "Rose of Versailles", "Return of Captain Marauder" and "Heirs of the country of Yamato". All four novels were published by the publishing house "Veche".
At the moment Ogneslava Beloyar, Olivia Cleymor works under pseudonyms. Has more than 100 publications (historical novel, female historical novel, Slavic esotericism, books for teenagers) in the Russian publishing houses on various subjects.
Many novels and books are written in a co-authorship with the daughter Elena Kryuchkova (Darina Beloyar, Linda Cleymor). Elena has 60 publications.