Awareness in the 21st century


In our quest to survive in a sophisticated world, we become selfish creatures of God. It is true, we are successful survivors, but selfishness seldom leads to happiness. Selfishness also blocks us from realizing our flaws. This book can help you identify with your flaws, accept your mistakes, and evolve into a person who is satisfied with his existence irrespective of how much money you have in your bank account. Give this book a chance to impact your life in a positive way.

You shall also explore the following topics in this book:

Learn to be happy with yourself – This section will help you accept yourself for who you are. It teaches you the importance of being satisfied with what you have. It also explores what happens behind a single Tinder swipe.

How racism is structured in modern America – This section will open your eyes as to how racism has been executed like a ‘chess move’ for the past 400 years. Also, it tells you how American universities execute calculated racism.

How to deal with a racist individual – This section prepares you to face a racist individual in your everyday life. This section also prepares you for a bad day. This segment is priceless!

How to become ‘Jesus the man’ – This section will show you how you can become the most genuine human being on this planet – ‘Jesus the man’. This portion helps you connect with your genuine side.

Billion-dollar secrets – This segment will help you boost your confidence when you resume work inside an office environment. This section tells you how people fake their resumes and survive in the world of consulting. This segment is pure – ‘Bang for the buck’. This portion exposes corporate secrets in the world of consulting worth billions of dollars.

How to catch smart criminals - This segment will help you look through the eyes of calculated criminals and even understand the world as they see it. It also helps you catch these criminal masterminds using practical intelligence.

Author Bio

Anand Murthy

A very creative human being.