创建最佳领英档案的101 技巧 海外求职的基本技巧 : 101 Tips for Creating the Best LinkedIn® Profile Essential Tips for Getting a Job Abroad


Many people set up LinkedIn profiles but then don't really know what to do with them. Others have no idea what to use LinkedIn for or how they can professionally benefit from using it. If you use LinkedIn the right way your profile will be out there for the world to see. Remember that it's never too soon nor too late to start learning how to use LinkedIn for your own personal goals. Start with the tip that you like the most in order to get going.

Is there more to it than just LinkedIn?
Yes, there are more important things to think about. Taking the decision to go for it and try to find a job abroad, narrowing down what kind of jobs you want and to setting your personal sales pitch is more important than having a good digital profile. In the interviews in the last part of the book you can read about how some Chinese persons managed when they found their job abroad and find out what their job journey was like. You can get practical tips and ideas.

This book is both in Mandarin and English.




Author Bio

Jon Josefsson

Jon, from a small town in Sweden called Skara, dreamed of becoming a professional football player, but ended up in the recruitment industry for 20 years. He has written his first book in Mandarin, while managing a full-time job as Head of Business Development at Talent Venture Group and working at Evolution Commerce. He is also one of the co-founders of Nomadjobs.

Before coming to the conclusion that the recruitment industry was his perfect match, Jon tried a lot of things: he ran his own music business, tried his luck on the surfboard and then studied both in Sweden and abroad. After graduating from Linnaeus University with a B.A. in marketing and economics, he studied psychology and then proceeded to deepen his skills in management and marketing in Australia, Spain and London. His enthusiasm for personal development, working life and economics affected his everyday life. Finally, somewhere down the road, Jon ended up with the idea that matching the right person to the right workplace might be something for him.

Jon started in the recruitment industry in 1998. During his 20 years in the industry, Jon has been both an employee, CEO, owner and entrepreneur. He has also been involved as both recruiter and CEO in the start-up of Komet – one of Sweden's largest recruitment companies. He then went on to face new challenges at Randstad as Director. With solid experience behind him and a determination to create better opportunities for Chinese jobseekers, he eventually co-founded Nomadjobs.

Tell us what inspires you on a daily basis?

The coolest thing for me is when someone reaches beyond their goals. For example, it may be a person who has not dared to take the next step in their career. He or she is only seeking job opportunities in their home country and doesn’t dare to look at the bigger picture. There’s a lot of possibilities to work abroad, gain experience and work on your skills if you’re just open to it. Many times these people need professional career coaching and most of the time people make the decision to try something new afterwards. In many cases, these persons reach further than they had originally thought was possible. I can live long on the moments of joy in the eyes of someone who dared to take the step. The most important thing is not to reach the final goal directly but to dare to try, dare to experiment. Therefore, all those people who dare to try to go outside their comfort zone inspire me.


来自瑞典小镇Skara的Jon梦想成为一名职业足球运动员,但最终在招聘行业工作了20年。如今,他正在用中文写作他的第一本书,同时担任Talent Venture Group业务开发主管的全职工作和Nomadjobs的共同创始人之一。

在得出招聘行业是他的最佳匹配这个结论之前,乔恩尝试了很多事情:经营自己的音乐事业,在冲浪板上积攒好运,在瑞典和国外学习。从林奈大学(Linnaeus University)获得市场营销和经济学学士学位后,他学习了心理学,然后在澳大利亚、西班牙和伦敦继续深化管理和市场营销技能。他对个人发展、工作生活和经济的热情影响了他的日常生活。在人生旅途的某个地方,乔恩最终想到将合适的人与合适的工作场所相匹配对他而言会有某种特别的意义。