Object Oriented Modeling and Design with UML


This book provides practical guidance on the modeling and design of object-oriented systems. Its specific goals are the following:
■ To provide a sound understanding of the fundamental concepts and historical evolution of the object model.
■ To facilitate a mastery of the notation and process of object-oriented modelling and design.
■ To teach the realistic application of object-oriented modelling and design within a variety of problem domains.
The concepts presented all stand on a solid theoretical foundation, but this is primarily a pragmatic book that addresses the practical needs and concerns of software engineering practitioners, from the architect to the software developer.
This book is also suitable for use in undergraduate and graduate courses as well professional seminars and individual study. Because it deals primarily with amethod of software development, it is most appropriate for courses in software engineering and as a supplement to courses involving specific object-oriented programming languages.

Author Bio

Ajit Singh

Ajit Singh is skilled in various kinds of academic research in the field of Computer Science and has 20+ Years of strong teaching experience for Under Graduate and Post Graduate courses of Computer Science across several colleges of Patna University & NIT Patna, INDIA.