Magic of Ancient Runes


A runescript is a graphic combination of several runes that carry certain information.
The origin of the ancient Slavic runes is still being debated. There are a number of versions. According to another version, runescripts are the oldest runic writing of the ancient Slavs, accessible only to the elect, the volvs (priests, sages and magicians). According to a number of sources, the ancient Slavic deities handed over the runes to the volhvs so that they recorded sacred events and laws.
There is a version that the Slavic magical rites that were used many centuries ago included the use of runes, magic symbols and runescripts...

Author Bio

Elena Kryuchkova

Kryuchkova Elena, daughter of Kryuchkova Olga, was born in 1992. She writes novels with Olga Kryuchkova. Has a pseudonym Darina Beloyar.
As a teenager, she began to draw comics and graphic stories.
The first published work was the prologue to the graphic history of "Vision of Sei" in the publishing house "Factory of comics" in the 5th issue of "MNG. Almanac of Russian manga", in 2012. The publication came out under the pseudonym Linda.
In 2012, she graduated from college with a degree in law and social security. In 2016 she graduated from the university with a degree in jurisprudence.
Works with several publishers. Has over 60 publications.