The Power of Passion


This fascinating lyrical novel is about a woman with a difficult fate struggling for her happiness.
Reading this incredibly exciting book you will find out whether she will be able to find and keep her love.

The story "The Power of Passion" received Grand Prix at the International Literary Competition, Organized by the Writers Union of North America, May 2022

Author Bio

Cathie Cayros

I was born in Moscow and I have been living in France, in a picturesque

place, close to the border with Switzerland. My village has been known

since the 14th century and is located on the shore of the lake called Lac

Léman, a lovely spot admired by many artists and poets of the past


I am a doctor and have an M.D., Ph.D. in medical science. Literature and

creative writing is still quite a new area for me.

Thanks to my medical education, I am quite good at understanding human

psychology and taking a deeper look into a person’s essence, their character,

as well as comprehending their feelings and the reasons for their state of


My first work, “Autumn arabesques” was published by the American

magazine,, New York.

In December 2020 I happened to become one of the finalists of the 9th

International Literature Festival “Open Eurasia 2020” in London. The

English translation of my lyrical novel “The story of my foolishness” was

presented within “Prose” category.

My “Christmas story” was published in the Bulgarian almanac “Litera”

almost at the same time.

In April 2021, my short story “Life of a soldier” was published by the

Bulgarian almanac “Art Litera”. That particular issue of the magazine came

out “Writers vote for Peace”.

In May 2021, the St. Petersburg publishing house “Four” published a

fragment of the novel “The story of my foolishness” as part of the digest

“Do not lie to yourself” dedicated to F. Dostoevsky’s 200th anniversary.

I was also fortunate enough to be able to publish two essays - “Autumn

arabesques” and “The Elegy of Old Tango” in the Literature Album

“Thread” V , Publishing house “Hertfordshire Press”, London, 2021.

The St. Petersburg publisher “Four” published my lyrical novel “The story

of my foolishness” in April 2021.

Also in April 2021, I participated in the 11th International Literature

Festival “Chekhov’s Autumn 2020”. My nomination was called “Landscape


I was granted an award of honour “For preserving the traditions of

Literature” for “Autumn arabesques”.

In June 2021, I was one of the winners of the 9th International Festival

“Open Eurasia 2020” in London. It was a very important moment of my life.

My lyrical novel “The story of my foolishness” was nominated for the best

book in “Prose” category and won the 3rd prize. Besides, my book took its

place among Golden Top-10 of the contest’s works.

In July 2021 I became one of the prize winners of another international

contest called “Native Amber” organized by the Writers Union of North

America. My story “Invincible spirit” was nominated for the “Best Prose


I feel I’ve been blessed in life with my gift of literary creativity and the

ability to express myself on pages of my own books. I feel lucky and

grateful for all my friends and colleagues who share the same interests as