Gamers of Jupiter. Chapters 1-3


The book includes chapters 1-3 of the series.

Chapter 1:
An elemental girl from Jupiter named Malachite starts playing a new simulation game, ‘Cockroach Run’. She travels to Earth in the form of a cockroach, intending to have fun, have a good time, and scare the Earthlings. How will the beginning of the game go for Malachite?..

Chapter 2:
Elemetal Malachite, in the form of a cockroach, successfully escapes from danger. She tries to find other players nearby. But new unexpected turns of events and meetings await her...

Chapter 3:
The elemental Malachite, in the form of the cockroach, befriends a cat named Prince. They are having fun and having a good time. Meanwhile, important events begin to take place on both Earth and Jupiter...

Series Description:
Elementals live on Jupiter and other gas giant planets. They are invisible to material life forms, so the people of Earth know nothing about them. But the elementals know about the Earth and have been observing it for a long time. And they love to play simulation games on it.
An elemental girl named Malachite starts playing a new simulation game, ‘Cockroach Run’. During the game, the player is transported to Earth, taking on the body of a cockroach. The game has no specific purpose. It is assumed that the players will just communicate, have fun and scare the Earthlings.
Malachite, in the form of a cockroach, goes through various adventures, escapes from people and meets a cat named Prince. He is also a gamer from Jupiter who plays the simulation game ‘Cat Life’, and his real name is Garnet.
But the Joint Morality Committee of the Gas Giant Planets is not enthusiastic about such ‘frivolous’ entertainment of the youth. And it is trying to do everything possible to close all the servers of such games.
Meanwhile, a terrible danger begins to threaten the Earth, threatening to destroy all life on the planet... Will Malachite and Garnet be able to unite all gamers to save their favorite game servers and the entire planet?

Author Bio

Elena Kryuchkova

Elena Kryuchkova started her creative path in 2012. She writes in different genres, such as: esotericism, fantasy, Slavic fantasy, sci-fi, dystopia, post-apocalyptic and others. Has several graphic works. A number of her novels were co-authored with Olga Kryuchkova.