The Illusion of Happiness: Choosing Love over Fear


The Illusion of Happiness; Choosing Love over Fear is the fourth installment in The Awakening Tetralogy. This book reveals the false paths we often find ourselves on and how it is possible to find inner peace and purpose once again. Learn how to stop searching for Meaning and Happiness through external activities and relationships; instead, focusing on unpacking your trauma and finding your Light Within.

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Ken Luball

Peace, Love & Light.
My name is Ken Luball. Spiritual Seeker ~ Author ~ Guide. *********************************************************************
Author of "The Awakening Tetralogy: A series of Four Spiritual Books". *********************************************************************

Ever since I was a young child, I knew my purpose in life; it was for me to Awaken, find Enlightenment, and share my experience and knowledge with others. To reach those lofty aspirations though, I first had to navigate through quite a few unexpected detours in my life. Though I was brought up in a religious family, it did not help me Hear the messages from my Spirit Guide, Bodhi. If anything, religion only further isolated me, teaching me to accept the Ego’s view of religion rather than Bodhi’s. It was not until after I stopped following a formal religion, I finally was able to embrace Spirituality, and with this embrace, I Awoke.

Spirituality is the belief there is a piece of God (a Spirit) within everything that has life, and, because of this, all life is important, equal, and connected. After I Awoke, no longer having the dogma of religion handicapping my views, I was suddenly free to explore this philosophy of life more deeply. Only then did I become aware of the Mask I wore and the impenetrable Wall I had erected around my Heart; the Mask and Wall allowed me to survive in the world. I would always smile, appear happy, though, I would often feel intense anxiety within. This was something I never really understood until the moment I confronted my Ego. Little did I know, these survival mechanisms would have a profound effect on me for the majority of my life. By protecting me from emotional pain, they also isolated me from my family, everyone else in my life, and even from myself. No one could hurt me because I did not allow anyone to get close enough to do so. In turn, no one could love me or was I able to truly love another either. This superficial life, one devoid of risk or pain, left me alone in a sea of people.

It took many years before the first cracks in my Wall formed and before I could loosen the Mask I constantly wore. It took me almost an entire lifetime to become to be Awakened and begin my journey towards Enlightenment.

After I was clearly able to “hear” my Spirit Guide, Bodhi, I realized everything I had Learned from my Ego throughout my life was untrue. I had looked for love and happiness in the job I had, the money I made, things I owned, and through my wife and children. With the exception of the latter, I finally realized none of those things truly mattered. This does not mean I am ungrateful to my Ego, however. It taught me coping skills and allowed me to “succeed”, or at least what I was taught success was. Though my Ego still remains with me, it has taken a more secondary position in my life now, relinquishing its former primary role to my Spirit Guide, Bodhi.

Decisions were now required. While it was tempting to take this newly found state of being and withdraw from society and all the hate, fear, cruelty, poverty, and greed that plagues it, I knew within myself this gift of Enlightenment was to be shared with others. That is my destiny. Therefore, I have written “The Awakening Tetralogy”, a series of four “Spiritual” books, to share this knowledge with as many others as possible. It is my and Bodhi’s hope you will read these books, and in doing so, begin a new adventure. One where you will Awaken and further your journey towards Enlightenment with your Spirit Within.

I do not know if our books will be read widely in my lifetime, though I hope one day they may help others Awaken and find Enlightenment as well.

“We are all on a Spiritual Journey of Love & Peace; together may we spread “Light” throughout the world”


Ken Luball is a Spiritual Seeker ~ Author ~ Guide on a mission to help Awaken as many people as possible. Born and raised in the US, Ken has had a lifelong obsession with finding the true Meaning of Life, and with his Spirit Guide, Bodhi, has successfully penned a tetralogy of stories, anecdotes, and lessons he has learned along the way. When he is not writing, Ken can be found enjoying 70’s era classic rock and roll and folk music, hiking, interacting with his substantial social media following, and instilling the message of true joy into the hearts of his family and others.
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