‘’Experience,’’ as the old saying goes, ‘’is the best teacher.’’ I have been thoroughly schooled through the hard knocks of life. Interestingly, I am still being schooled! Each phase of my existence has been characterized by peculiar experiences that have shaped my thought process towards people (within my sphere of contact and beyond), my environment and the society in general. "My Experiences" is a collection of stories being told about me relating to my family; personal ordeals with people of the same and opposite sexes, my career exploits, and having to cope with my facial condition. These stories depict what I have been through in my over-three-decade period on earth---lessons learnt and what the future holds. They are my ‘’ true life stories’’. I have been humbled by what my experiences have taught me through the years. They have made me transcend the puerile mindset of mediocrity to a mature psyche of sagacity. The stories contain elements tantamount to the lessons (consequent realities) of pain, inspiration, bitterness and ‘hard truths’: borne out of the experience I have had, all through my growing years.

Author Bio

Chimezie Ihekuna Benedict ihekuna

I am an author, poet, essayist, playwright and lyricist, based in Lagos, Nigeria.