Regardless of The Consequences


Lance Tallbear is an Arizona cop at a crossroad. Continue his career as a cop or follow his grandfather’s wish and become shaman for the Apache people. A plane and skeletons discovered in the Superstition Mountains, the Spirit Mountains, draw him into a murder case 70 years old. The discovery stirs a host of men seeking the secrets the plane hides. Thomas Kane, a CIA troubleshooter appears and tries to commandeer the investigation, saddling Tallbear with an FBI agent under Kane’s control. Tallbear must unravel the mystery of the plane and the people who died there as death stalks everyone he holds dear if he unlocks its past. Kane approaches Tallbear offering him a choice-bury the case, or be buried with it.

Author Bio

Larry D. Lauritzen

I'm a retired agriculture teacher that travels with my wife to find interesting people and places. In my lifetime I've worked all over the country in construction, sales, heavy-equipment operation, and ranching. I've been on the docks as a longshoreman, spent time driving a truck, and been a commercial beekeeper running 1000 colonies to pollinate crops and produce honey. I've had more jobs than I care to remember but they gave me the chance to meet people and experience things I bring to my writing.