You can Manifest Your Dreams Just like Me – Part Three


Table of Contents

1. Manifestation Technique – One Question
2. Manifest in 17 seconds
3. Manifestation Technique – Manifestation Box
4. Manifestation Technique – Finding Evidence
5. Manifestation Technique - Being the Receptor
6. Manifestation Technique – Willingness
7. Manifestation by Water Technique
8. Manifestation Technique – Permission
9. Manifestation Technique – Set your intentions and forget
10. Manifestation Technique – Pre-Paving
11. Manifestation Technique – Make a List
12. Manifestation Technique – Placemat Process

Author Bio

D.S. Pais

After completing her Masters in Engineering, D.S. Pais has been working in the IT industry. She is a born-dreamer, imagines a lot. She has been writing since young. D.S. Pais is a creative person who once worked as an actress in student films and TV series for a brief period, until she discovered that her passion was in writing.

She writes short stories, novellas, novels, poetry, and self-help books, as she cannot put her thoughts anywhere else. When she is not working on a book, she too enjoys reading books from different authors, watches movies in her free time, loves traveling, and routinely works out (Pilates). Many of her titles have appeared among the top 100 Amazon Best Sellers in their own section. Born and brought up in India, D.S. Pais has taken Singaporean Citizenship and currently resides in Singapore with her husband and two children.