1. What type of books do you accept?

Now, we accept the books published in Amazon.com only. In addition, so far, we just can translate from English to Chinese.

2. I want to know, how to publish the paper book?

In general, we will consider the sale copy of the ebook, then decide to publish the paper book or not.

3. How can i get the selling details?

First of all, you need to make sure your books already be on sale. After that log in your account, find the project you want, then the selling details would be shown in the main page of this project. If you cannot find that in this page, it means we have not gotten the feedback from the sellers, we will upload the data later.

4. Why is my book just selling on the PUBU platform? What about other platforms?

In general, Pubu is the first place we sold. According to the censorship rules, the book needs to be reviewed by the publisher and retailers. We will sell your book in all the main channels such as Amazon, Jingdong, Dangdang.

5. How long will it takes to be sold online after finishing the Chinese ebook?

It depends on the Chinese censorship rules. In addition, each individual channel will the check the content.Trust me, we also want to sell it as soon as possible.

6. May I get a translated book of mine?

Because of copyright, we only can send you Douban (it is a Chinese website) or ibook redemption codes.

7. Do you accept the book containing adult content?

Due to the Chinese law, it is illegal and we do not accept that.

How it works

1. Invitation & Registration

invitation the first step is to register a free membership so you can access and fill out an Author Central profile. If you have any questions during initial setup, please send a detailed message to contact@fiberead.com and we’ll quickly get back to you.

2. Authorization Period

All authors are required to hand-sign a standard agency representation contract which authorizes Fiberead to translate and publish their work in a foreign language. This agency service comes free of charge, paid for through sales in global marketplaces.

3. Editing & Translation

Fiberead specialists then select highly qualified editors and translators to work collaboratively with you throughout the process. We source and manage team formation, editing, translation, proofreading and any necessary illustration for you.

4. Marketing & Distribution

Your newly translated works will be released into a variety of different popular foreign language platforms. Afterwards we’ll take care of the marketing as well, say in Chinese or French for example. We’ll ensure you reach readers in those markets to boost global visibility as an author.

5. Sales Data & Reports

You can access both quarterly and annual sales statements for each marketplace to monitor your royalties and account performance. Should you have any questions or concerns our customer service representatives are always at your beck and call.

Fiberead provides you with comprehensive translation and publishing services unlike any other company on earth!

There are three types of users on the Fiberead platform: authors, editors and translators. Authors add their titles, editors choose the titles they like and transform them into translation projects. Then, translators apply to join the project team and they work together with the author until there is a new translated book to be published and marketed.

Traditional publication involves complex copyrights, contracts and drawn-out procedures that stop most authors from going after foreign language markets. It also requires that your work be clearly and coherently translated which outside Fiberead can be really expensive!

An Eye on the Future

Fiberead combines all the services you need without any of the hassle. As your publisher we edit, translate, and promote your work on multiple platforms and in a variety of foreign language marketplaces with no upfront cost whatsoever. We do all the heavy lifting so after collaborating with our translators and editors you simply sit back and collect your royalties.

The inherent value of our service lies in our publication methods based on collaborative synergy, which we believe is the future of the modern translation/publication model.

    • Fiberead provides better service and more royalties than traditional publication can offer with no upfront costs or fees.

    • Fiberead gives authors a competitive advantage by promoting wider visibility through foreign publishers.

    • Authors gets their own project team that includes editors, translators, illustrators and proofreaders.

    • All marketing and promotion in foreign marketplaces is taken care of by Fiberead.

    • The money breaks down like this for digital e-book versions: 30% to authors, 30% to professional translators, 5-10% to editors and the rest is re-invested into the Fiberead platform.

Authors also have the option of allowing Fiberead to be their agent for printed versions as well, which pays 90% royalties! It’s easier to get attention from local publishers since Fiberead maintains close connections with legions of them and we update our booklist monthly.

That’s how it works in a nut shell. If you’re ready to get started, Contact Us now so your journey can begin!

Notice: At this time we only offer translations into simplified and traditional Chinese, but as our team grows so does our ability to stretch out into other languages and markets.