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E-book Publishing

Consider Fiberead your one-stop-shop translation and publishing service for release in foreign language marketplaces.

Chinese Marketing

Fiberead promotes your work, enhances your global visibility and uses modern methods and marketing channels to boost sales.

Sales Reports

We provide transparent and verifiable sales data at no extra cost so you can easily assess updated account information and performance.

The Fiberead Model & Vision

We wish to change the publishing industry by giving authors the ability to reach global marketplaces in foreign languages. Something that isn’t currently offered to authors without conventional agency representation. We’re about setting authors free, and providing contemporary readers with a much richer world of books to choose from.

Though the Kindle is stretching into many countries, self-published authors still depend on traditional publishers and agencies when in the remainder of the world in other languages. Outside the Kindle-sphere it reverts back to the stringent system that makes it really hard to get published.

The Fiberead team is working to change things. We want to empower writers by providing more royalties and global visibility without the heavy investments that many traditional publishers demand. Authors can come to Fiberead, upload their work and then get directly involved as it’s edited and translated into foreign languages!

We’re focused on breaking down the walls of traditional publishing to create a better global environment of literature and learning.

Notice:currently Fiberead only offers translations into simplified and traditional Chinese, but soon we’ll be able to offer many more languages and markets as the company evolves.

With no upfront costs for any of our services the list of successful authors Fiberead represents continues to expand. Fiberead hopes to become one of the most powerful publishing companies in the world. If you’re interested in joining the team, immediately send a message tocontact@fiberead.comand get the ball rolling!

Sale Sites

  • DouBan
  • Amazon Kindle(USA)
  • iBooks
  • NetEase
  • Amazon Kindle(China)
  • OverDrive
  • JingDong
  • SuNing
  • iReader
  • DuoKan
  • Baidu
  • Tencent
  • Pubu