Black's Lonesome Path: A Short Story


Black, like a select few other beings, is a soul reaper, whose sole predilection is to claim human souls. However, his life is turned upside down in a chance encounter with a human woman. Black’s memories of his past human life come flooding back to him. Will he continue to hunt human souls or will he turn against the Authority and now hunt the hunters? This is the tale of the beginnings of Black’s journey as a changed reaper.

Author Bio

J.L. Shojosh

I have an infinite number of stories within me, and by definition, I won't have the chance to write them all. But it's more about the journey than any perceived destination. I hope my stories serve as a safe haven, an escape from the "real world". I hope that the overarching message in these stories is not lost in translation. In short: the importance of a dream cannot be overstated, and the need to wake up to live that dream is the best way to be true to yourself.