Greya Virus. The Oath of Two Worlds


In the 36th century, humanity left the Earth, as well as the colonized Moon and Mars, and went beyond the Solar System on the spaceships Ceres and Juno, in order to escape from the terrible virus that is destroying humanity.
But not all people left their home planets, someone remained in the Solar System. Those who went into space reached the Andromeda Nebula galaxy and settled on two suitable planets for life, which were named after the ships that brought them there: Ceres and Juno. What happened next in the Solar System, the new inhabitants of Ceres and Juno did not know, because the connection was lost...
Centuries have passed. The year 9018 AD has arrived, also known as 5518 after departure from Earth. In the Confederation of Ceres, the city of Celestia, an ordinary, at first glance, girl named Lycoris Farrell lives quite happily. But one fine day, two events take place at once, which make Lycoris experience a strong emotional shock. Not only is her lover rejected, but it also turns out that her mother is not really her own. And her biological mother is on the Earth that was abandoned long ago, Lost Terra!
From a strong shock, the bead put into the Lycoris medallion, which she wore all her life, begins to glow, and the girl finds herself in a completely different, unfamiliar place!
Not understanding what happened, Lycoris soon meets a beautiful lady who introduces herself as Countess Rosalinda Landriano. She is the favorite of the King of the Kingdom of Ferrum. To all the questions of the woman, Lycoris, who decided that she was in another world, replies that she does not remember anything. The Countess believes her words, and invites the girl to enter her service. Realizing that she has no other choice, Lycoris agrees.
That, in fact, the place where she ended up was not another world at all. This is the Earth, where a new civilization gradually appeared on the ruins of the past civilization destroyed by the virus.
Also, Lycoris will have to find out the secret of her birth, and find out that she is not half human, and meet her real mother.
(The book is prequel and development of the universe of the novel “Greya Virus. The Story of Two Worlds”).

The book was previously published under the pseudonym Darina Beloyar.

Author Bio

Elena Kryuchkova

Kryuchkova Elena, daughter of Kryuchkova Olga, was born in 1992. She writes novels with Olga Kryuchkova. Has a pseudonym Darina Beloyar.
As a teenager, she began to draw comics and graphic stories.
The first published work was the prologue to the graphic history of "Vision of Sei" in the publishing house "Factory of comics" in the 5th issue of "MNG. Almanac of Russian manga", in 2012. The publication came out under the pseudonym Linda.
In 2012, she graduated from college with a degree in law and social security. In 2016 she graduated from the university with a degree in jurisprudence.
Works with several publishers. Has over 60 publications.