Homer’s Odyssey - Graphic Novel: Searching for Father - Colored Edition


Homer’s Odyssey - Volume 1 (of 6)

Colored Edition

It’s been ten years since the Trojan War ended, and Odysseus, the King of Ithaca, has not yet returned to his island. But his people have more reasons to worry, as aspiring “suitors” have settled in the palace squandering the King's fortune and badgering his wife, Penelope, to choose one of them as her husband. Telemachus, Odysseus’ son, travels to Pylos and Sparta to find out whether his father is still alive...


The Homeric epics have repeatedly inspired various creators and have thus been retold, adapted, and rendered into various art forms. The Odyssey shifts between the real world at Homer’s time and the fantasy world at the time of the Trojan War. The graphic novel is above all the type of art which can illustrate these two worlds simultaneously, achieving both recreational and educational goals.

The rhapsodies are faithful to the original text. Despite its rich vocabulary, the language used is simple. Nevertheless, it maintains a narrative rhythm reminiscent of the original rhythmic scheme. The short texts at the end of each book provide useful information, not only about Homer and Odysseus, but also about the time period of the Odyssey in general.

It is the first time that “ODYSSEY”, Homer’s magnificent epic from Ancient Greece, is turned into a graphic novel by Greek artists. The six volumes, each of which includes four rhapsodies, consist of a total of 270 pages, contain 9,580 images, 2,8350 dialog boxes, and six historical texts.

A novelty of the project is the curved gutters that separate the images; an innovation that gives motion to the immobile images, allows for particular receiving angles and contributes positively to the overall aesthetics of the pages.


Author Bio

Tasos Apostolides

Tasos Apostolides was born in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1947. He studied Mathematics, worked as a teacher and for many years he was the Vice-President for Academic and Student Affairs in the American Farm School in Thessaloniki.

He worked as a columnist for newspapers and magazines of Thessaloniki and Athens. His work as a comics' scriptwriter became well known through his adaptations of Aristophanes' eleven comedies. This series was extremely successful as it sold more than 1.000.000 copies and it received a Special Honorary Award from the International Institute of Theatre.

Six of the eleven adapted comedies were translated into English, French and German, but they were distributed only to the Greek book market. Also two of eleven adapted comedies were translated into Turkish and were distributed in Turkey. The graphic novel Tinella Kallinike, the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece was also translated into English, French and German.

Tasos Apostolides has written the script for 35 comic strips in total, for both children and adults.

He has also written the scripts for comic strips, the strips for cartoons as well as one-act plays and texts for stand-up comedy.

In 1999 he founded the Heretic Company and he was the exclusive script writer and director of all the plays performed by this theatrical group. He is a member of the Greek Directors Guild, the European Federation F.E.R.A., as well as of the International Federation M.E.I. He has also taught Techniques for Script Writing for ten years to various Schools of Fine Arts. He has worked as the organizer, supervisor and consultant of exhibitions, festivals and events regarding sketches, caricatures and comics and he has given numerous lectures on these topics.