Beyond English my story as an education consultant in Sichuan


Come and navigate through my adventures as an education consultant in Sichuan. Discover the process of how someone like me, with no background related to the education business, can become an education consultant.
I took my « notes,» where I was recording every detail about the Babies and child's development, adapted it, added some stories that happened to me, stuffed it with advices and some reflections I had. I mixed it all, and this book was born.
I edited it with one thing in mind: Help the people around me to teach kids more efficiently.
This book is for the Chinese parents, curious about the parkour of a foreign consultant, this book is also for the future consultants willing to come to practice in China, for the professional of the education industry, and finally, for the curious minds, eager to satisfy their curiosity about how a foreigner like me had to fit-in.
The English version of this book is not intended to make a profit. If profit there is, all will be given to Sichuan and/or Chongqing's left behind schools.

Author Bio

Mouilhaud Quentin

A simple guy