"When you feel you are losing something,
look into the distance – something much better could be waiting there,
something you don't see through your sadness. " Amelia

After Celina clicks on a virus portal in a PC game called Honor and Fight, she gets into the game. She also pulls her boyfriend Pete and his best friend Kate with herself. It's like a nightmare for her – she hates to be in one place with Kate, who still flirts with Pete and tries to seduce him. She wants to get out of the game as soon as possible. But it's not that easy. Noone ever got out of the game. Many players have been trapped there for two years. Will she manage to become one of the best players? Will she defeat the worst boss Sichonopau, who would let them leave the game? How will she manage, when Pete betrays her?

Author Bio

Jane Rovis

Jane Rovis is a writer of fantasy books. She loves to connect the real world with fantasy worlds or she puts the characters of her books into magical worlds. She also creates English second language books to motivate people for learning English (her book Don't say "How are you?")

She worked as a teacher and you can find school and education in her books quite often. She usually writes about school in a funny way. 
Her books are: Trapped in a pc game, Soptah May and the petrified guardian, Soptah May in a burning town, What teachers don't know about their pupils.